30 day challenge: day 18


Given the fact that I went to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for the third time last Sunday and am feeling the Potter love (and the fact that I have actually read it a minimum of ten times), I have to go with the third Harry Potter book, The Prisoner of Azkaban (hereon out referred to as just POA, for brevity).

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extended hiatus

Hey guys! I’m back from Portugal with a tan (miraculously) and a very refreshed brain. It was awesome to have a week just chilling with my boyfriend and his mum, and the place we stayed (Vilamoura) was super beautiful. That said, as much as I enjoyed being away, I’m glad to be back home.

I just wanted to drop in and say that as much as I wanted to be back on the 30 day challenge today, I found out on Sunday that I need to travel back to Bristol for three days from tomorrow to go to my grandad’s funeral, meaning I probably won’t be able to post consistently – and, mostly due to personal preference, I don’t want to only post on one day this week (I’m also away on Sunday, oops).

I am going to be so heckin’ tired by the end of this week, good lord.

Anyway, I will do my very best to be back to posting daily from next Monday!

30 day challenge: day 13

Hey, friends. Thanks for your understanding yesterday – I know not many people read these so it’s not like it’s a huge deal if I miss a day, but still.

Now, this is going to be the last post for a little while – tomorrow, I am off on holiday with Umby! We’re going to Portugal for a week (though we’re flying from Newcastle, so tomorrow we’re taking an 11-hour bus up there to fly out on Sunday, flying back the following Sunday and coming back to Portsmouth on the 15th).

I did try to pre-write some posts in advance but missing yesterday kind of threw the schedule for that off-kilter, I only managed to get 3/8 done, and I wasn’t going to spend my packing day writing 6 posts (including today’s) for a blog that like … three people, tops, read. Apologies in advance – though, again, I doubt it’ll be a huge deal.

Anyway, I will be back for the rest of the challenge on May 16th! For now, though, here is today’s: