self image

WARNING – This post, to summarise, is about negative self-image, in particular negative body image and dysphoria, and delves into some heavy stuff that might be triggering or otherwise upsetting to people who are sensitive to such things. Please proceed with caution or give this one a miss if that’s the case for you. (Stick with it otherwise, though. I promise it’s not all Heavy Heavy Doom Gloom.)

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july update

Oops, I vanished again. Sorry! Also I think I’ve pretty much just fallen off the wagon on the 30 day challenge, but that’s alright. 22/30 still isn’t bad.

But I’m dropping in now because today, I’m on the cusp of a very big change, and I really want to talk about it and organise my thoughts somewhat.

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30 day challenge: day 22

So, uh … guess who has a super bad memory. It’s me! But here I am, ready to bust a nut get right back to work on this here challenge. I will finish it eventually, god damn it!

Without further ado, then:


Holy shit, where do I even begin?

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june update

Gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I was doing so well with the 30 day trial, too.

Today I would pick it back up, but there’s some other stuff I want to talk about, mostly just so I can vent a bit. Venting in writing always seems to help consolidate my thoughts a lot better than verbal venting does, and what is this blog for if not exactly that?

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30 day challenge: day 21

Sorry for skipping yesterday, folks. I was recovering from a hangover and also I forgot because I had some big ol’ jitters about starting my new job today, oops.

In case any of you were wondering: it’s a temporary job for the summer (until September) at a warehouse that distributes books around the country – mainly for ferries, but also for book shops and whatnot, I’m pretty sure. I mostly spent my day putting price stickers on books and packing them up for delivery today, but tomorrow I’m going on a trip to Plymouth for a delivery! I won’t be back until suuuper late, but I also don’t have to get there until 2pm (though I do have to learn on the fly how to drive a van, which should certainly be interesting) so I can have a lie-in at least. I’ll do my best to remember to write a post before I go.

Anyway! Here’s today’s topic.


I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, even though Umby lets me use his Netflix, just because I’m not super into TV shows – but, regardless, my favourite show at the moment has to be Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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30 day challenge: day 20

Hello! I am back from Comic Con! It was an absolute blast. Getting to cosplay for the first time with Umby was so great, and I actually had people recognise me as Taako and ask me for photos which was nuts. I never thought I’d get that with my first proper cosplay, and I have to admit, it felt pretty damn awesome.

I really think cosplaying – or at least going to conventions more – will end up being something Umby and I both pursue further!

Anyway, on to today’s topic:


Having just 100% completed higher education (for now – gonna graduate with a 2:1, my dudes!), I think I’m at least a little qualified to speak on this.

Education is super important. Like, so important! Lack of education breeds ignorance in all its forms, which is annoying at best and deadly at worst. Learning about something makes you less afraid of it, and that’s why education in all its forms is so critical.

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30 day challenge: day 19

Hey friends! Today I am at MCM Comic Con(I will admit this was pre-written because I know I’m not going to have time to write today) as Taako from The Adventure Zone, a podcast I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who likes D&D, dumb jokes and excellent storytelling.

I also had a job interview yesterday for just a summer job in a warehouse that distributes books around the country. I have a two week trial starting on Tuesday, so we’ll see how that all goes! (I don’t know how much it will bite into writing time – I’ll be working 8 – 4, so I’ll probably be able to write when I get home, at least.)

Anyway, on to today’s post:


This one’s going to be a little heavy. Apologies.

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