Name: Brendon
Age: 22
Gender: Classified [believed to be at least 97% bird]
Pronouns: He/him or they/them
Sexuality: Obnoxiously queer
Fun Fact: I’m really terrible at talking about myself in this general sorta way

So, hi! I’m Brendon and I’m currently studying Film Industries and Creative Writing at the University of Portsmouth where I’m currently living with Umby, my inspiration and better half.

This blog is hopefully going to end up being a collection of writing-things – whether it’s stuff I’ve done for uni, stuff I’ve done for myself, or stuff about my life that I thought might be fun to write about. This will hopefully be at least a somewhat “professional” space, if only because I’m seriously lacking one right now.

When I’m not bashing my head against a keyboard and hoping good words happen, I like drawing, making fajitas, and pointing out dogs on the street to my boyfriend.

So there are the basics. Endings are hard, so I will leave you with some Extremely Accurate Reviews™ from friends of mine. If you’d like to find me elsewhere, the links at the top of the page should take you wherever you want to go.