july update

Oops, I vanished again. Sorry! Also I think I’ve pretty much just fallen off the wagon on the 30 day challenge, but that’s alright. 22/30 still isn’t bad.

But I’m dropping in now because today, I’m on the cusp of a very big change, and I really want to talk about it and organise my thoughts somewhat.

On July 19th, I graduate. My parents are coming down and Umby’s coming to the ceremony and I’m sure I’ll probably cry, let’s be honest.

Then, on August 10th, Umby finishes at his current job. We only need to give a month’s notice for our flat before we move out, and we’re planning on sorting that for the end of the week. Then I need to spend roughly 10 days back home watching my good boy Blake while my parents are away, and then Umby and I hit the road.

We’ve been talking about moving to Manchester since the beginning of the year, pretty much, and now it feels like it’s all really happening, and that’s both very nerve-wracking and very, very exciting.

This will be the first time that I’ve taken such a leap into the unknown, for one. Manchester is a city that I’ve only ever passed through, and while I thought it was very pretty and getting a place there will definitely be affordable, it’s still kind of wild to me that I’m committing to living in a place I’ve never been in for more than half an hour. I think that’s the thing I’m having the hardest time processing (though, don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited about it!).

I also think, if I was doing this alone, I’d be absolutely terrified. But the fact that I’m doing it with Umby, that this will be our first real adventure together, makes it that much easier for me. This whole process will be one hell of a test of the strength of our relationship, but I believe in our ability to take this on as a team. It’ll probably be stressful and scary, sure, but we’ve done stressful and scary and come out unscathed before. It feels really good to have such solid, unshakeable belief in us and our ability to do this together, especially since I’ve never really experienced that in a romantic relationship before.

Another thing is that I’m always wanting to see new places. Portsmouth has served as a wonderful home for the past three years – I’ve grown so much here, I’ve made so many excellent friends and had some awesome experiences, and I’ll definitely miss it – but, like always, I’ve got those itchy feet and I’m ready for the excitement of being somewhere entirely new with my favourite person in the world. And, honestly? I think a change of scenery is exactly what I need right now. Like I said, Portsmouth has served me very well, but I was never going to stick around here forever. It’s time for pastures new.

Sure, I’m kind of stressed about job hunting – I’ve got my new transcribing job, and it’s going pretty well but it’s not something I want to do forever, and probably not something I can actually make a living from either – but I feel like that will hopefully fall into place once we’re settled and we’ve got the lay of the land.

So I’ll probably post something mushy after my graduation ceremony next week(!), and possibly something just before we get going to Manchester with ~updated feelings~ on the whole situation. But guys, I’m so excited. This is such a big step for me – for both of us! And I can’t wait to see where it takes us.



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