30 day challenge: day 20

Hello! I am back from Comic Con! It was an absolute blast. Getting to cosplay for the first time with Umby was so great, and I actually had people recognise me as Taako and ask me for photos which was nuts. I never thought I’d get that with my first proper cosplay, and I have to admit, it felt pretty damn awesome.

I really think cosplaying – or at least going to conventions more – will end up being something Umby and I both pursue further!

Anyway, on to today’s topic:


Having just 100% completed higher education (for now – gonna graduate with a 2:1, my dudes!), I think I’m at least a little qualified to speak on this.

Education is super important. Like, so important! Lack of education breeds ignorance in all its forms, which is annoying at best and deadly at worst. Learning about something makes you less afraid of it, and that’s why education in all its forms is so critical.

Now, that’s not to say accessing education is always easy, even with the internet living in most people’s pockets at this point. That, and there are more than enough people who are so rooted in their ignorance that anything that challenges it is immediately deemed a threat. But god damn, if it isn’t one of the most important things in the world for people like me, for example.

Everyone was shitty when they were younger, it’s true. But if it hadn’t been for the people who were older, wiser, and more experienced than me who taught me that it is absolutely not my place to be casually using racist slurs, or about the mechanics of feminism, or about what it really was to be transgender (and thank god they did), I’d still be a shitlord, probably.

And I hope, on some level, I can now be that person for others. I’m not someone who really sits in a conventional box of any kind, and because of that I do spend a lot of time teaching people about myself and others like me. I’ve seen it change a fair few minds, and even show people that maybe they’re experiencing the same.

Education is such a powerful tool, probably the most powerful one we have as a species. In some cases – especially regarding minorities – it could even save lives. So I absolutely think it’s incredibly important.



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