30 day challenge: day 16

This one should be a doozy.


Short answer: my views literally don’t matter because as long as people make music it will continue to exist, but that wouldn’t make for a very good blog post.

Long answer: I really don’t have that huge an opinion on it except that like … if mainstream music is what you love, no-one should be making you feel bad for that.

I have literally zero problem with mainstream music. I do have a problem with people who think that modern music is the devil, for some reason. And hey, listen: we were all fifteen once and we all thought we were the authority on what was good, and that anyone who didn’t agree was stupid – but, for real, if you’re over the age of … let’s say seventeen, and you’re crapping on mainstream music just because it’s popular and you think you’re so enlightened for not enjoying it? Chill, dude!

Mainstream music is mainstream for a reason: people like how it sounds enough to listen to it a bunch of times. How could anyone possibly like that trash, you might ask? Well, it might be because the people making it know that making music that sounds like the mainstream – aka, what people are enjoying currently – know that mainstream music sells records, sells downloads, sells concert tickets, sells merch.

You don’t have to like it. You also don’t have to ruin the fun for people who do. I don’t listen to a ton of super mainstream music – I don’t actively avoid it, I just don’t really listen to the radio all that much currently – but the stuff I have heard is fun, upbeat, and makes people feel good. Why is that such a huge offence to some people?

Also, if you’re here like, “I like real music from the 60’s/70’s/etc”, that was probably mainstream music once (especially if we’re talking about bands like The Beatles) and there were salty old bastards like you saying exactly the same about them. Just because it’s popular, that doesn’t make it bad – honestly, I’d argue it’s quite the opposite. If it was genuinely that bad, it probably wouldn’t be popular.

So maybe get down from your high horse some time and let people enjoy what they enjoy. I promise it won’t kill you.


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