30 day challenge: day 15

I am notoriously bad at writing stuff like this, so let’s see how this goes:


  1. I can only see out of one eye clearly; the other is always blurry/out of focus. There’s nothing I can do about it and I’ve had it my whole life, so it hasn’t really affected anything since it’s all I’ve known, but I have always wondered whether having depth perception is really all that different from apparently not having it.
  2. I wanted to be a zoologist when I was younger, and I was decent enough at Science (got an A* in GCSE biology) that I could probably have pursued it, but I decided later on I’d rather do creative stuff. I don’t regret it, but I’d like to see the parallel universe where I didn’t fall into a major depression and stuck at that goal, and see if I ever managed it.
  3. I don’t really watch a ton of TV shows, but my favourite one currently is Brooklyn 99.
  4. One of my all-time favourite books is ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak. I haven’t seen the film all the way through, but the book just nailed everything I want in a writing style. I’d genuinely recommend that book to anyone in a heartbeat.
  5. My favourite music changes like the weather, but right now I really love Dry The River. Of course I would only get into them after they’ve already broken up, but their music – the lyrics, especially – are gorgeous. Also, the acoustic versions of their songs are so delicate and fragile and they get me right in the heart-place.
  6. I’m already having a hard time coming up with anything.
  7. I have a dog and a cat, Blake and Eva, back at my parents’ house and I love them to the ends of the earth and back. If you’re someone who gets annoyed at people who call their pets their babies/kids, you will not enjoy my company because I love those two more than I love most of the people in my life.
  8. I am pansexual, which means gender isn’t a factor in whether or not I find someone attractive. So is my boyfriend. We’re also both genderfluid. It saved so much explanation at the beginning.
  9. I love animation, particularly 2D animation. If you’re an animator, no matter what skill level, I have mad respect for you – I have dabbled in it and I don’t have even a little of the patience required. I’m always so excited to see how someone can make lines on a page behave like a living thing.
  10. My favourite city in the UK is probably Newcastle. I’ve only been a few times, but every time I’m there I just feel so at home. It’s a gorgeous city and I have so many good memories there.
  11. I would love to one day have my own aviary, even just a small one.
  12. I have oodles of original characters that are almost entirely fleshed out, but I just haven’t used them in anything (other than university work) for ages. I really want to get back into that.
  13. I very recently got into tabletop RPG’s like D&D and Pokémon Tabletop United, but I’ve been involved in internet/written roleplaying since I was a wee bab of 11/12. They’re very different, but I love them both for different reasons.
  14. I have two tattoos, one on the right hand side of my stomach and one on my left collarbone. I’d like to one day get at least a half sleeve (but it might end up as a full sleeve) tattoo of my favourite birds. I haven’t planned it out too far yet because I probably won’t be able to afford it for a long time, but I’m super excited for it.
  15. I think septum piercings are super cute, and I’m really toying with the idea of getting one. I’d also really like to get my bottom lip pierced because I’m still a fifteen year old emo at heart.

So, yay, I managed it! I hope you’ve learned a little bit more about me from that. I’m hoping that today some stuff will arrive so I can finally put together my Taako cosplay for Comic Con next Saturday! I’m so excited. My elf ears are already here – just waiting on a wig, a hat, and an umbrella. I’ll probably have pictures on my Twitter at some point if you want to see what it all looks like.


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