30 day challenge: day 14

Hi friends! I’m finally back on the 30 day challenge! I know this is pretty late for me, and that is purely because I went out today and forgot my keys so I had to wait for Umby to get home from work before I could get back inside. I’m not a smart bird.

Anyway! Let’s dive back in.


I have a weirdly vivid memory of being in a high chair eating a boiled egg in the kitchen of my parent’s old house (the first house I remember living in). From what I remember it was dark outside, so likely autumn/winter, and my siblings were in the dining room eating their dinner while I was in the kitchen. It’s really vivid, but also I only remember that one snapshot – I don’t remember anything before/after it.

To go on a quick tangent, it’s crazy to me how much of my childhood I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure it’s kind of normal to not remember much before you turn 10 unless some huge significant stuff happened, but I find it just a shade disconcerting that there are years of my life that have just kind of … vanished from my mind.

In fairness, my memory isn’t great – I just told you I forgot my keys today, so you know that’s legit – but it’s still weird to know that there’s a whole chunk of my life that’s completely missing from my head. Obviously my parents remember it, and my siblings probably remember parts of it, but I sure would like to remember this stuff for myself.


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