30 day challenge: day 13

Hey, friends. Thanks for your understanding yesterday – I know not many people read these so it’s not like it’s a huge deal if I miss a day, but still.

Now, this is going to be the last post for a little while – tomorrow, I am off on holiday with Umby! We’re going to Portugal for a week (though we’re flying from Newcastle, so tomorrow we’re taking an 11-hour bus up there to fly out on Sunday, flying back the following Sunday and coming back to Portsmouth on the 15th).

I did try to pre-write some posts in advance but missing yesterday kind of threw the schedule for that off-kilter, I only managed to get 3/8 done, and I wasn’t going to spend my packing day writing 6 posts (including today’s) for a blog that like … three people, tops, read. Apologies in advance – though, again, I doubt it’ll be a huge deal.

Anyway, I will be back for the rest of the challenge on May 16th! For now, though, here is today’s:


To visit: I am absolutely desperate to take a trip to Venice, Italy one day. I read a book about it (though I cannot for the life of me remember the name) years ago, and it enamoured me to Venice since. It’s also the birthplace of one of my original characters, so it would be awesome to actually visit it so I can make their story that much more authentic. To be honest, I’d love to visit Italy in general – I’m all about its history, in particular, and – not gonna lie – I do love me some Italian food. I also really want to explore more of the USA, but in particular I want to see Seattle, Chicago, and Austin.

To live: Canada! Umby and me are both very set on one day moving across the pond. I’ve never been there but Umby misses Vancouver the way I miss Portland, and we both like similar things out of new places so I’m almost 100% sure I’d love it. Canada seems to have everything I’d like/need from a place to settle, too, so I’m pretty excited to eventually get that ball rolling.

Anyway, bye for now and I’ll see you when I’m back from Portugal!


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