30 day challenge: day 12


Given that it’s just coming up to 2pm as I write this, I’m gonna have to make some ~predictions about some stuff today, but that’s all good.

  • Woke up around 8am to take out the bins.
  • Couldn’t get back to sleep, so stayed in bed on my phone until about 10am.
  • Texted my sister to tell her happy birthday.
  • Got up and had tea and breakfast (cereal bar).
  • Watched some YouTube.
  • Had a look at places to live in Manchester, since we’ve had to postpone our trip to America (for very good reasons) and don’t want to stay in Portsmouth for ages while we save.
  • Grabbed a snack (ready salted crisps).
  • Watched a bit more YouTube.
  • Got results back for one of my University units. It was a high 2:1! I was very pleased because I got some back yesterday that weren’t so great, and was very worried. But it’s all good.
  • Pre-wrote one of my posts for while I’m away in Portugal.
  • Started writing this post.

So that’s where I’m at now – here’s the plan for the rest of the day:

  • Put on laundry so we have clean clothes for Portugal.
  • Go to Asda and buy stuff to make fajitas tonight (it’s fajita night, woo!), plus some dinner for Thursday and Friday night.
  • Have a look at jobs in Manchester and possibly summer jobs here in Portsmouth.
  • Make the fajitas for when Umby gets back from work at around 7.
  • Have a discussion with Umby about what requirements we each have for the new home in Manchester so I can start narrowing down the search.
  • Probably just chill/do some art while Umby plays World of Warcraft.

Life as a post-student/pre-job-haver is pretty chill, let’s be real.


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