30 day challenge: day 9


This one will likely be fairly short because I’m hungover and looking at a white screen to write is not doing wonders for my headache, but god damnit, I won’t break my streak before day 10!

Usually when people ask me this, my snarky answer is ‘bed tester’ because who doesn’t want to get paid for sleeping on super comfy beds, right? But that wouldn’t make for a very interesting post (even if I am keeping it short today).

But for real, if I could just have any job in the world, it’d be the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London. It’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: you care for the ravens that live in the Tower and that is your job.

I love birds – anyone who has met me knows this to be true – but corvids have a very special place in my heart for their intelligence. I’m so fascinated by ravens and crows and how birds most people consider pests or not that important are actually incredibly smart, social animals who can make and use tools, recognise human faces, have complex language and can learn human words … they’re amazing birds and I would love to have a job that saw me interacting with them every day.

Also, Ravenmaster is just such a cool job title. Imagine getting to tell people who ask what you do that you’re the Ravenmaster! 

The current Ravenmaster is on Twitter (which is how I found out that it was A Thing You Could Do) and his account is one of my favourites. If you also have a soft spot for corvids, I’d highly recommend it.


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