30 day challenge: day 7


Hey, nice, it’s been a week and I haven’t fallen behind yet! Nice. Let’s hope the streak continues!

So I’m not one of those people who has a childhood toy that they’ve kept forever. I’m kind of sad about that because I’d really like to have had one, but there we go. I’ll see if I can remember some of my favourites from when I was little, though.

Also, all of my favourite toys were soft toy animals. I’m still a sucker for soft toy animals.

The first ones that come to mind are Beanie Babies – my older brother (and sister, to a lesser extent) collected them, so of course I wanted to get in on that. I’m not sure how I acquired them but I remember in particular having a white cat with brown patches called Snips, and a bat whose name escapes me but whose wings could wrap around him and be Velcro’d together.

A little bit later on, I got a pretty big (at least compared to my Beanie Babies) soft toy unicorn called that I called Sparkle. She was a light pastel turquoise with a white mane/tail and fuzzy white feet – her namesake came from some shiny bits in her hair – and she was so soft and snuggable. I really loved that gosh-darned unicorn. She’s probably still kicking around at my parents’ somewhere.

I also just remembered that I had a soft white tiger toy at some point (I remember having her in the first house I lived in, so probably at the same time as my Beanie Babies) called something like Snowflake or Snowball or something. I used to carry her around Literally Everywhere, to the point where I once dropped her in the toilet by accident and was devastated because she had to go in the wash and I couldn’t have her in bed with me. I have no idea where she ended up, or if she survived the move from my first house to my parents’ current house.

So with those toy animals, I played a whole host of solitary imaginary games (maybe it was just me, but it was never quite as good when someone else was there – probably because they had different ideas of what was fun) that mostly involved them going on wild adventures and weaving crazy intricate stories and all that good stuff. I also think a lot of them kept dying horribly/were rescued from horrible deaths by me occasionally, though I don’t think I’m alone in that. I just liked the games to have high stakes, y’know? They got involved in all my imaginary shenanigans and it was a better, simpler time.

In case you’re wondering, I have a small collection of soft toys now, though their lives aren’t quite as exciting (and honestly, neither are their names): Dalmatian and Umbreon who are – you guessed it – a soft dalmatian and a small toy Umbreon that Umby got me for our first Valentine’s Day. I’ve also got two soft wolf toys, Spencer and Liam Neeson (Umby named the latter), at my parents’ house for snuggling purposes. I was actually going to gift one of them to my ex, so I’m kinda glad I never got around to that.

I love soft toys, my dudes.

Anyway, sorry this one was kinda short/possibly not that interesting. I’m not sure if any of these posts are interesting, but the point of this challenge more than anything is just to get me to write something every day, and that appears to be working! Also, if you are actually reading these, thank you see you tomorrow!


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