30 day challenge: day 4


Woo, boy, we’re getting heavy today! Don’t worry, though, this isn’t going to be mindless bashing on religion – I’m not about that life.

I know this is a kind of sensitive subject so if you don’t agree with what I have to say, that’s cool. If I say something wrong or entirely offensive, though, please flag it up for me so I can correct/learn from it – I want to keep this post as respectful as possible. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I’m pretty much atheist. I’m not entirely against the possibility of there being a god (or many gods), but I don’t follow any religions or anything.

It’s not something I like to shout about – mostly because I don’t think being an atheist is something you should shout about because, for real, who cares? It doesn’t make you better, smarter, or in any other way a better person than someone who does follow religion and it doesn’t mean you’re right and they’re wrong.

Religion is such a vast and intricate topic and I really feel like, as an outsider of sorts, I don’t know enough about it to really comment on it on a deeper level, especially not somewhere it might exist forever. I also am very conscious of the fact that I have religious friends (my boyfriend believes in God and it’s never been a point of contention in our relationship, thankfully), so I’d like to be extra careful with this for their sake, too.

On a base level: I feel very strongly that if having a religion makes the universe feel less cold and lonely then by all means practise it. Everyone has a right to be respected – beliefs are a deeply personal thing and no-one has any right to try and force people into changing them, unless they’re actively hurting others or themselves. (This is also coming from someone who has had their fair share of bad run-ins with religious folks, namely over my sexuality, because it doesn’t really take a genius to realise that a few shitty people don’t define every single person in a group.)

Regarding the bigger picture, though, I absolutely think that religion (or lack thereof) should be strictly personal. It should never be used to influence law, especially law that hurts people (minorities in particular, by the looks of it); it should never be used to justify wars that murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people. If practising what you believe is causing real, significant harm – that’s fucked up. (I don’t think that’s a unique opinion either, even among religious people.)

So … yeah. Religion is a weird one for me. I feel a bit weird talking about it on such a public platform because I’m one heck of an outsider on the whole thing. I guess in summary, religion is all good as long as it’s not being used to hurt people and you’re not forcing it down people’s throats. Cool? Cool.

These posts lighten up again tomorrow, and so will I because Umby will be home from his long weekend away tonight! Yay! I’ve missed him tons.


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