30 day challenge: day 3


Before I get into this one proper, just a heads up that this one’s probably going to stay pretty short because I have to get ready to go to a film premiere in London tonight! I will be going with my bud Wayne to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy film courtesy of Casual Critic, the film website I write news for every week! So that’s super exciting. Also I  got a haircut on Saturday and dyed my hair blue yesterday and I look fucking radical, my dudes.

Anyway, on to the thing I’m supposed to be writing about: pet peeves.

In no particular order, because I don’t really have a ranking system for stuff that annoys me (and also these were just the first 5 that came to mind):

  1. Littering outside. There’s honestly no excuse for it apart from being lazy. Just fuckin’ bin your shit, dude.
  2. People who don’t put their dogs on a lead when I’m walking towards them with my very excitable, very strong dog (who is always on a lead when approaching unfamiliar people and dogs). My dog is friendly, sure, but I don’t know how your dog will react to him – especially given how big and boisterous he is – and you don’t know how mine will react to yours, friendly or not. Just save us the hassle (and me the almost-dislocated-arm) and put them on a lead for the 4 seconds we cross paths.
  3. Smokers who have zero consideration for anyone around them. This isn’t a jab at my friends who smoke – they’re usually pretty considerate about it. But if you’re deliberately blowing smoke in people’s faces and stuff you’re a shitlord and should maybe Google what second-hand smoking does to people.
  4. When you buy a special snack/food to treat yourself and one of your siblings eats it. That shit happened constantly when I lived at my parents’ and it drove me batshit insane, especially because they’d never apologise even though I’d paid for it with my own money. I’m getting a little prickly just thinking about it, oops.
  5. People who (un-ironically) correct people’s spelling/grammar to try and win an argument. The only time you should be correcting people’s spelling/grammar on the internet past the age of 12 is when they ask you to.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look into things that get me moderately riled. And tomorrow’s post is apparently about religion, so … look forward to that, I guess!


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