30 day challenge: day 2


So before we dive into this one, I know I’ve covered my thoughts about The Future™ in another post from probably a little under a year ago now. But this post is about where I’d like to be, not where I think I will be, so that sure makes things easier!

So, in ten years, I’ll be … 32, god damn. (For a second, I genuinely forgot how old I am. Nice!) I’ll be honest, it’s really weird imagining myself in my thirties. But when I tried this challenge on my blog from when I was 16, it was super weird imagining myself in my twenties, and here we are.

So much crazy shit has happened in just the last three years alone that I really, genuinely have no idea where I’ll end up. But, assuming the stars align just right and everything goes perfectly:

  • I’d like to be living across the pond with Umby by then, preferably in Canada but I’d also be more than happy with somewhere in the States. I’d like to have explored more of the States with him by then, too – honestly, if things look up after Donglord Trombone is out of office, I’d really like to go on just a big ol’ road trip across the States with Umby. So I hope in ten years we’ll have either done that, or at least have planned it ready to do it!
  • Speaking of Umby, I can’t imagine that we won’t at least be engaged (if not super married) in ten years’ time. I know that sounds presumptuous, but trust me, we’ve talked A Lot about getting married and whatnot. Even our parents know at this point. We’re in this for the long haul, my dudes!
  • I’d like to be working a decent writing job (well, a decent job in general, really) – something that keeps me satisfied and pays the bills. I don’t know if I will have finished a book by then, but I’d like to have at least started one.
  • I’m also hoping that by 32 I’ll have a decent enough work ethic and resources to maybe open a Patreon or something for my art, just to get a few extra bucks in per month. I would eventually like to make some regular money from my artwork, but right now I’m lacking mostly the equipment (and the following) to make that possible. One day, though!
  • I’d like to have started physically transitioning. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have top surgery before I hit 32, especially depending on where we live – but if we’re talking about the stars aligning perfectly, then sure, I’d like to have had it done by then. I would really like to be on hormones by 25 – again, if the stars align perfectly, my family will be cool with that. (It’s unlikely, but hey.)
  • If my dog Blake is still alive in 10 years (he’d be 15, so it’s just about possible) I will absolutely have him living with me by then. That’s something I want to set in motion ASAP, because holy shit do I miss my dog. I don’t think my cat Eva will still be alive (she’d be almost 18, good lord), but I hope Umby and me will have started building our small menagerie of pets by then! Maybe we’ll even have birds! I’d really, really love to have an aviary one day.
    • Sort of on a side-note to this, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of maybe volunteering with birds of prey alongside whatever I do for money. Hanging out with owls last summer really lit that fire in me, and I think it would just be a really cool experience. Even if all I’m doing is cleaning cages or whatever, it would be so cool to just be around awesome birds all the time.
  • I know this one’s a bit superficial, but I absolutely want more tattoos. Assuming I’m in a good financial situation by 32, I’m hoping to have my half-sleeve of birds at least started. I also want to get something small (probably just a pair of paw prints) for Blake and Eva mostly, but that can also apply to every dog and cat I have in my lifetime – that will probably be first on the list, since it’ll be small and therefore (hopefully) less money.
  • Finally, of course, I hope that I still have a good circle of awesome, supportive friends (including the ones I currently have because they’re Radical) that, on occasion, I can still get absolutely blitzed with. And play tabletop games with, because they’re awesome. (Maybe by 32 I’ll have finally attempted DM’ing a session!)

And that’s about all I can think of for now, to be honest. Thinking about the future usually leaves me with a lot of anxiety and insecurity, but this has actually been really nice to write – at the moment, I’m feeling a lot more optimistic going forward than I ever have before. I have no idea if all (or any) of the above will be true in ten years, but either way, I’m feeling good about it.


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